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Organisations constantly face new and complex rules and regulations in the areas of quality, safety, risk, environment, and occupational safety and health imposed by its clients, governments and other interested parties. In addition, organizations tend to focus more on their core businesses and often operate on an international scale. In order to survive in an increasingly competitive market, organizations need to be organized more efficiently.

It is Prinsip Mahir's objective to assist you with the definition, implementation, maintenance and improvement of Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems. We offer close support through all stages of the development of an ISO system and our services include all aspects of documentation, production of manuals, policies, internal auditor training and implementation assistance.

ISO Certification Consultancy

To provide gap analysis and guidance for companies seeking ISO certification. We help to document, review and monitor the company's Management System in order to comply to the requirement of ISO.

ISO Certification Renewal

To provide guidance to companies to renew their Management Systems to comply with the latest requirements.

Management System Redesign

To provide guidance to companies to redesign their Management Systems for more efficient operations and control.


Management System Integration

To combine two or more types of Management System, with fully integrated responsibilities and authorities, into a single certification package brings central control as well as time and cost benefits.

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