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System Auditing

Meeting the needs of customers is the main objective of a Quality Management System such as ISO 9000. Success with such a program is usually attained with a systematic approach to Quality Assurances, including the elements of planning, organization, performance, and evaluation. Evaluation is often considered the most beneficial element for ISO organizations because it reveals ways to further improve quality and incrementally increase customer satisfaction. Evaluation is facilitated by audits.

Types Of System Auditing:

  • Internal Audit - To provide audit as part of Internal Audit to comply with ISO requirement.

  • Vendor Audit - To carry out independent audit on company's suppliers for quality related issues.

  • Second Party Audit - To provide independent and unbiased audit on behalf of company on its system performances.

Prinsip Mahir is prepared to assist you with the following first party and second party Management System audit services:

  • Quality System Documentation Review; including contributions to the Extent of System Documentation, Documentation levels, Document Format, Operational Procedures/Work instruction, and documentation Review.

  • Audit Planning; include input on Audit Schedule, Auditor's Activities, and Breakdown of the Audit Process.

  • Preparation and Use of Audit Checklist; including assistance with Subject Selection, Checklist Preparation, and Use of Checklist.

  • Conducting the audit; including the contributions to the Audit Strategy, Opening Meeting, Management Interview, Observation Of Operation, Record Review, Assessment of nonconformity, and Evaluation Of Corrective Actions.

  • Audit Reporting; Including inputs on Nonconformity Categories, Preparation of Nonconformity Reports, Corrective Action Determination, the Audit Summary Report, and the Audit Exit Meeting.

  • Audit follow-up; including assistance with Establishing Audit Follow-up Time Scale, Conducting Audit Follow-up, and Concluding the Management System Audit process.

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